Our Company

We do onions. We grow high quality, yellow, red, white, sweet, and organic onions. That’s our focus and our passion. We provide onions year-round. Fifty-two weeks a year our trucks are rolling. We pride ourselves in quality, consistency, and ease. While you find companies that provide thousands of goods all the time, we like to focus on one thing and do it the very best, so Onions 52 is just that, onions, fifty-two weeks a year!

Our Mission

To be absolutely synonymous with onions in terms of quality, consistency, reliability and ease worldwide. We strive to do our best in service and provide our best in quality and variety so that when you think onions, you will think Onions 52.

Our Vision

We are a family run business with an extensive reach across North America. We know our product and believe in its goodness. We strive to assure our customers they’ll always have a reliable supply of quality onions 52 weeks a year, no excuses, just onions.

Our Story

A small group of Utah farmers needed help selling their fresh produce to communities and grocers. Charles H. Dredge and his company, CH Dredge, took on the responsibilities of packaging and selling onions and various other produce for the group of local Utah growers.


In 1977, Dredge sold the business to four Utah Farmers and a group of investors from Texas. From then on the company was known as Utah Onions. The farming investor group was able to grow the company and soon Utah Onions became known as a grower, shipper and packager of quality crops. 


The company started to take on more packing and shipping responsibilities over time, bringing in trade partners, Hartley’s Best and Oregon Trail Produce, in the late 1980s.


 In August of 2005, a group of three, each with their own roots in the onion and produce world, Shawn Hartley, Trent Hartley and Brad Dahl, purchased Utah Onions from the investment group. They continued to build the company, expanding it with additional growers and farmers.


Today, Onions 52 (Utah Onions) is one of the nation’s leading grower-shippers of quality yellow, red, white, sweet and organic onions. With growing/packaging partners in six states as well as Mexico it was clear they had outgrown their borders and their name so Utah Onions no longer fit. In 2017 they changed their name to Onions 52. New name but the same quality and care that they started with over 75 years ago.

Our Process

Our work; growing, packing, shipping onions is all done in house. Our teams handle all the details and the logistics of the operation. We’re a family business with great pride in our deep heritage and knowledge of onions. Our years of experience allow us to give you the best product and the best service possible

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Our Promise

Because we’re family we hold ourselves to very high standards. We would never treat a customer, their needs or our products with any less care and respect than we give to our own family. Our knowledge and pride is the basis for the promise we make to our customers, a promise we’ll always keep.

We Keep Our Word →