At Onions 52, we are devoted to growing, packing, and shipping high-quality, delicious and safe onions. We are third-party certied by Primus Auditing Operations, and are dedicated to economic, environmental, and social sustainability practices throughout our company.



• A pipeline was installed at Hartley Produce in Prosser, WA to move water from the Columbia River to other farms. The pipeline helps conserve water as it eliminates evaporation of water as it is moved to different fields to irrigate crops.
• We utilize drip irrigation methods at several of our farms. This method of irrigation conserves water by applying it directly to the root of the onion. This also helps with onion growth and overall health of the plant.


Selecting the proper seed is essential for crop success and sustainable practices. Below are a few things to consider:
• Ensure current seed selection is optimal for producing the best product
• Optimal yield percentages to produce more onions while conserving land
• Maintain records of seed variety and vendor


Each crop, including onions, is susceptible to certain diseases and weeds. We use the below practices to conserve soil health:
• Crop rotation
• Utilize cover crops and no-till practices where possible
• Conduct soil sampling to ensure the ground is in optimum condition for planting
• Use of a state-of-the-art certied organic laser weeder (where applicable). It is reduces chemical application, minimizes harm to benecial insects and minimizes soil disturbance.


Onions 52 is moving towards the use of sustainable packaging where feasible. We currently utilize reusable plastic containers (RPCs) and reusable pallets (CHEP, PECO) to help eliminate excess waste.

Food Safety & Responsible Labor Practices

Responsible Labor Practices

Onions 52  is focused on responsible labor practices.
Some of which include:
• Responsible farmworker recruitment
• Following all state and federal worker guidelines
• Following all minor worker rules set forth by the local government
• No forced labor
• Fair compensation and working conditions
• Meet worker needs regarding language and signage
• Creating a culture of food safety
• Leadership team trainings


When it comes to food safety, we hold our growers and facilities to the highest standards through a rigorous approved supplier program; ensuring our harvesting, packing and storing practices exceed industry standards.


Onions 52 adheres to the USDA regulations regarding food safety and traceability. We take traceability one step further with scannable GS1-Databar PLU stickers placed on our bulk onions. 

Industry Associations
  • International Fresh Produce Association: IFPA
  • Southeast Produce Council
  • Equitable Food Initiative