Frequently Asked Questions

Simple answer, we have outgrown the old name. Being Utah Onions was fine while we were just that, Utah onions. Now that we have grower/partners in selected key states we needed a new name to fit with the growth and the scope of the company. We thought about it and the new name says exactly what we want people to know, quality onions, fifty-two weeks a year.

Well, we’ve been Utah based since 1977 but, we have operations and partners in strategic key growing areas. We’re family based with a heritage of pride in our products and our service. Those things are not going to change, ever. The same attention to detail and the same care that helped us grow into Onions 52 will not change. The care for our customers and understanding of our product, that’s really who we are.

That’s a good question. It’s never just one thing. There’s persistence and some luck involved of course, but we never say no. We get onions delivered and the idea of saying no to a customer, well, that just isn’t us. Instead, we find and offer solutions to our customers. Also, the fact that we do this fifty-two weeks a year sets us apart from the rest. There is never a week without onions for us. And, we offer a full line of onion products from 2000 pound totes to two pound bags. There’s also quality, year-round supply and reliability and … ease and … see, there’s a lot that makes us successful. And, we love what we do, that sure helps. I think the customers feel that.

Sweet onions are uniquely sweet because they contain a much higher sugar content and fewer sulfur-containing compounds than regular onions. Sweets also have a much higher water content than most other onions. It’s this combination that gives our Columbia River Sweet Onions their “certified sweet” and “certified super sweet” taste.

Because we are a family of growers, our standards for quality and safety are exceedingly high. Each year we participate in an AIB-International GMP audit. The audit evaluates and critiques our food safety programs, management systems, pest control programs, operational methods and personnel practices. Onions 52 has participated in independent audits since 2002, and have achieved the highly coveted SUPERIOR rating each year. Each of our locations surpasses the compliance standards set forth by the AIB and the USDA.