Brothers Green Eats - 10 Onion Recipes using Sunions

January 25, 2019

excerpt From the Brothers Green Eats Youtube page:

"Onions are one of the Brothers Green's best friends. So you can imagine how we were blown away when Sunions, who sponsored this video, asked if we would take their tearless onions for a whirl. We know it sounds crazy, but they actually figured out a way through natural breeding to grow a tearless onion. No more crying in the kitchen! And after watching this video, a few delicious onion recipes with no tears involved. In this video you'll see all kinds of wild things staring the onion; caramelized onion jam, beer battered donut onion rings, onion focaccia, a dank French onion soup, onion jerky, Thai onion salad, artichoke onion dip, braised onions, pickled Thai style onions. music by Blue Wednesday"

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