Onions 52 features organic Sunions, organic Texas sweet onions at GOPEX

February 27, 2019

CEO Bob Meek, vice president of sales Shawn Hartley and saleswoman Lacie Skarda discuss some of the latest offerings from Syracuse, Utah-based Onions 52. (Photo by Ashley Nickle)

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — Onions 52 featured organic Sunions and organic Texas sweet onions at the Global Organic Produce Expo on Feb. 2.

Sunions are heralded as the first "tearless" sweet onion in the U.S. The conventional product debuted in 2017.

Organic Texas sweet onions, also known as 1015s, start their season in April.


Article by Produce Retailer. Feb. 18. 2019 |

(Photo by Ashley Nickle)

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