Onions 52 Jumbo PLU Sticker Prevents Mis-Rings at Register

August 09, 2019

Syrcause, UT, USA | August 9, 2019 

Onions 52 has released a new PLU sticker that will help reduce mis-rings at the register.

Colorful and jumbo-sized PLU stickers have increased traceability with a scannable GS1 databar for more a transparent supply chain. The databar contains key supplier information and locations so all onions can easily be traced back to the grower/shipper in the case of a food safety emergency. 

The innovative stickers are available in a variety of vibrant colors, serving as a disruptor to the typical white PLU sticker often found in produce departments. The jumbo stickers are about 1.5x larger than an average vegetable PLU sticker, and mis-rings are prevented by increasing the surface area of the sticker which allows the sticker to remain tactfully in place, and also increasing the font size and legibility of the PLU numbers. 

Compostable stickers are available upon requestFor ordering information, please contact the Onions 52 sales team at 801.773.0630 or sales@onions52.com.


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