Pressure Cooker Sweet Pork Tacos

serves 2 cups / prep time 15 min / cooking time 1 hour 45 min


Onions 52 White Onion, diced
Boneless pork rib meat
5 lbs
Mexican dried spice mix
3 tbsp
Cherry soda
2 cans
Corn or flour tortilla shells
Brown sugar
2/3 cup
Green chilies, chopped
2/3 cup
Cilantro, chopped
3 tablespoons
Extra virgin olive oil (evoo)
3 tbsp
1 1/2 cups


  1. Set aside ½ of the onion, cilantro, and tortilla shells. Combine all remaining ingredients in pressure cooker.

  2. Set on high pressure for 45 minutes with the lid on the “sealing” position.  

  3. After pressure cooking, allow the pot to manually release the pressure for 1 hour.

  4. Remove pork and set on a cutting board. Once cooled, shred meat with a fork.

  5. Top corn tortilla shells with shredded sweet pork, diced onions and cilantro to taste.